Celebrating the 92nd Le Mans – The worlds most famous Endurance Race, commemorating our Motorsport Inspired Leather Goods

helmet bag tk9 green lining

Over the years we have created and crafted beautiful detailed pieces to celebrate our famous British brands,  Aston Martin, Jaguar along with the famous Ferrari 250 GTO and not forgetting our Official Licenced Collection with Tom Kristensen,  9 Times Winner – competing with Audi, Bentley & Porsche and finally last year’s 2023 Ferrari winner James Calado.

Don’t forget to watch the race!!

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Our passion, crafted for life

twin tech case tk9 angle
gto holdall tk9 green logo
gto holdall ms green angle
twin tech case tk9 lining
gto holdall tk9 green angle
gto holdall ms green inner
gto holdall ferrari 250 angle
helmet bag tk9 green angle
helmet bag le mans inner
jag 20 gto angle
gto holdall ferrari 250 inner
helmet bag tk9 green lining
helmet bag le mans angle
jag 20 gto inner

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British Design – HAND MADE IN ITALY



Since 2005 We’ve offered 1:1 Bespoke specification services working with discerning private clients, automotive, corporate brands, motorsport teams, sponsors & drivers globally – following the entire process with passion, precision from start to finish with my factories in Tuscany.

We create items from vision, desires and aspirations – it’s all about the attention to detail & final execution.


Our Passion – Crafted for Life