Thank you, Selwyn Francis Edge for allowing us 122 Years of BRG

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Today we celebrate SFE winning the Gordon Bennett Cup, 122 years ago driving the Napier D50 from Paris – Vienna, 28th June 1902 Great Britain’s First International Race Triumph – The First to wear Green – British Racing Green 6 Piece Collection,  crafted with British recycled engineered Leather,  beautiful, sustainable, and very durable pieces. 

Thank You, The Classic Motor Hub for the loan of the Bentley.

“There is nothing digital that could possibly compare to physical.”

Our passion, crafted for life

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British Design – HAND MADE IN ITALY


Since 2005 We’ve offered 1:1 Bespoke specification services working with discerning private clients, automotive, corporate brands, motorsport teams, sponsors & drivers globally – following the entire process with passion, precision from start to finish with my factories in Tuscany.

We create items from vision, desires and aspirations – it’s all about the attention to detail & final execution.


Our Passion – Crafted for Life