Commemorative – Goodwood TT 2023 Winners – Jaguar Bespoke Helmet Bag

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‘The Choice of Champions’


Got to see the Jaguar E-type semi lightweight – David Dooley iconic race car at the Goodwood 81st Members Meeting

Creating the Ultimate Bespoke GTO Helmet Bag has been an absolute pleasure working with Andy Priaulx 3 Times World Touring Car Champion, BRDC member & now, 2023 Goodwood RAC Tourist Trophy Winners – racing with William Paul

Crafted with our Heritage Bordeaux Tuscan Leather combined with Brown Leather Bonnet Strap Handles, Black Webbing Shoulder Strap, Bespoke Lining, Commemorative Logo Panels, something we get very excited about creating.

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Choose your Colour: Leather, Bespoke Lining, Seat Belt Webbing, Stitching, Logo’s & Initials + Race Colours.

“There is nothing digital that could possibly compare to physical.”

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